Indigenous Women's Arts Conference

In taking inspiration from the Haudenosaunee Seventh Generation Principle, this conference will serve to preserve and revitalize endangered Indigenous art forms and enrich lives through Indigenous arts and culture. 

This conference [re]connects and empowers Indigenous women by promoting the transfer and conservation of cultural knowledge; securing the capacity for the next seven generations to retain and cultivate intrinsic cultural connections.

This conference is open to Indigenous women only.


Stay safe, stay warm, stay healthy - you are loved.

Estimated date of safety: March 2022

New COVID-19 variant cancels conference permanently.

Last call for refunds December 31, 2021

In order to keep each other safe, our IACC Board of Directors will cancel our in person women’s gathering.
We have many Elders coming to the gathering and we take that very seriously. The safety of our Elders is top priority. We also have many people traveling to our gathering from across Turtle Island and we do not want to contribute to the spread of the virus.
This is last call for refunds. If you have registered for this conference and paid, contact us immediately at
Take care of each other. Stay in, stay safe, take care of your Elders and wait it out. XO
From your IACC board of directors: Talena, Jenny, Chandra, Lindsey and Dawn

Workshop Registration Below:

Workshop registration is free for women who cannot afford to pay.

If you cannot pay, please use the drop down box to click for sponsorship.

If you are able to pay for your workshop, your donation will sponsor a woman who cannot pay.

Please consider sponsoring a woman. Click the image to donate.


There are three venues for this conference:

Indigenous Arts Workshops for Indigenous Women

Willis College, St.Laurent Shopping Centre | 1200 St.Laurent Blvd., Ottawa, Ontario

Indigenous Arts Marketplace

St.Laurent Shopping Centre in front of Willis College | 1200 St.Laurent Blvd., Ottawa, Ontario
All are welcome to shop!

Events open to Indigenous women.

Indigenous Women's Arts Conference | Museum of History Events

Tickets for Museum of History Events

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Conference workshops are open to Indigenous women.

Indigenous Women's Arts Conference | Workshops

Workshop Registration

When selecting your workshops be sure not to double book. You can only be in one place at a time.

If you double book, one of your workshops will automatically be canceled.

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A Gathering for Indigenous Women

Sweetgrass and Black Ash Basket | Carrie Hill, Chill Baskets