Birch and Quill Earrings Workshop


In this youth workshop, Lorrie Ann will explain our connection to, and uses for, the gifts that Mother Earth provides.

Young women can gather with Lorrie and explore how to work with birch bark and porcupine quills. At the end of the day, each participant will have these lovely pair of earrings and hold a little more knowledge on how to gather and prepare natural materials.



Lorrie Ann Oke, birch and quill earrings workshop, indigenous women's arts conference, pass the feather. aboriginal arts Collective of canadaLorrie Ann Oke is proud to have been born and raised into the Turtle Clan from the Kanesatake Mohawk Territory.  As a mother and grandmother herself, she has been privileged and honored to learn traditional and cultural crafts passed on from her own mother and grandmother.

Lorrie Ann excels at beading, sewing, embroidery, leatherwork, black ash basket making, sculpting, birch bark with porcupine creations, drawing/sketching, Elk/Moose hair tufting and operating a textile handloom machine.

Lorrie Ann has extensive experience working with children, youth and the community.  She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of Iroquois teachings and ceremonies and believes we all have a purpose in life and that we are here to share it with others.

Lorrie Ann has a Master’s Practitioner certificate in Angel’s Reiki and Usui Shikiri Ryoho Reiki.  She also works as an Elder/Spiritual Guide at Archambault Penitentiary in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines and she offers counseling with inmates through the use of traditional/cultural perspectives for healing.

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Saturday March 28 | 9am to 4pm

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