Child Care with Kokum Brenda

We encourage all women to come to the conference without small children so that they can participate without distraction. Should that be difficult for you, we understand fully and ask you to contact us to register your child for some time with Grandmother Brenda while you participate in your IWAC workshop.

No one under the age of 16 is allowed into adult workshops. If your child is over 16, they must be registered to attend workshops.

Child care may be available:

Saturday, March 28th 9am-12pm & 1pm-4pm (no childcare from 12-1)

Sunday, March 29th 9am-12pm & 1pm-4pm (no childcare from 12-1)

*You must contact us for child care. Children are a big responsibility; we will not accept children who aren’t registered.


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Brenda Rivers is a mother of two and grandmother to five. Her ancestry is English and Mohawk (Akwesasne). Brenda’s teachings come from many years of working with Indigenous Elders and her strongest understanding comes from the Medicine Circle which has facilitated her healing journey and navigated her life. 

Her Elders have given her permission to go forward and help others walk and dance with those sacred Medicine Circle teachings. Brenda has been working with children in the school system for over 12 years and had more recently been working within the Children’s Aid Society.

Brenda’s property is home to Miitig Lodge; a traditional Indigenous lodge run by Elders and well attended by community members, schools and organizations from across Eastern Ontario.

Brenda is a very dear friend and a valuable addition to our conference.