Hand Drum Workshop


This hand drum workshop is for beginners. It is available both Saturday and Sunday.

The hand drum is the heartbeat of Mother Earth. The sound of the drum brings us back to the heartbeat of our mothers while they held us inside of their bodies. No two drums are alike -a drum is as individual as the animal it is made from and the human who made it. It is a voice, an energy and takes us to a spiritual place. We make our drums with love, we use them gently, water them and feed them as they are alive and carry a spirit of their own.

Join Neno in this beautiful workshop where you will hear her teachings through song and make your drum with your hands and your heart.

*Review the schedule below. Do not book more than one workshop at the same time. If you double book, we will cancel one of your workshops at our discretion.




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Nenookaasi is a 2Spirit Kwe with the pronouns She/They/Them whom resides in Toronto, Ontario. Identifying as an “Ojimakraine” (of Ojibwe of Sudbury/Gravenhurst area), Jamaican, and Ukrainian decent. She is a beautiful representation of what it means to be Afro-Indigenous.

Estranged from her biological family due to growing up in the Toronto Foster Care System from infancy, The Hummingbird Warrior had found herself searching for not only the meaning of acceptance but also self love. It was the traditional drum that would help connect her to the experience of healing trauma and a profound confidence in self identity. “The drum is ceremony, I am ceremony, together we are ceremony.”

As a traditional hand drum singer and song composer, this songstress has facilitated many workshop rooted in harm reduction for those who struggle with addiction and or mental health issues. Neno believes we are all ceremony and the drum is apart of the self healing journey. “If we can create safe spaces where people can allow themselves to become vulnerable, to be reached bringing the drum closer to our hearts, who knows how many voice and lives can rise from it? It is a form of medicine that is exclusive to each individual. We all deserve to have our spirits met with that good medicine no matter what stage of journey is at.”

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Saturday March 28 | 9am to 4pm, Sunday March 29 | 9am to 4pm

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