Haudenosaunee Pottery Workshop


Women were the pottery makers in our Haudenosaunee communities, and we made distinctive styles throughout our nations. When our villages relocate, it is taught to leave all the pots behind and make new ones. Haudenosaunee consider the earth our spiritual mother; the clay being part of her sacred flesh. Clay attaches people to a place and it makes sense that we do not move land from one place to another.

Join Haudenosaunee potter, Brenda Hill for a workshop that will connect you to your ancestors and land.




brenda hill, haudenosaunee pottery workshop, indigenous women's arts conference, pass the feather. aboriginal arts Collective of canadaBrenda Hill, First Nations Tuscarora, Mohawk, Mississippi Choctaw & Cape Verdean, is a contemporary Native American potter practicing traditional techniques in order to create clay forms influenced by the past and present. Inspired by her late mother and grandfather respectively; Diosa Summers and Stan Hill Sr., she uses pottery to continue the legacy and to teach others the traditions of her Native culture.

Her current work incorporates aspects from historic Haudenosaunee wampum belts, bead work, and pottery. She has been recognized as a successful Tuscarora & Mohawk potter and teacher by receiving several awards, grants, and fellowships from her peers in the Native Arts field on a local & national level. She is a student of the Institute of American Indian Art in Sante Fe, New Mexico and has exhibited and taught her work across the U.S.A.


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Sunday March 29 | 9am to 4pm

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