a little book of bird medicines


This little booklet gently helps you become familiar with Indigenous spirituality as it pertains to the medicines that the birds carry. Inside you’ll find medicines for the Eagle, Owl, Hawk and more as well as the directions they hold as Gatekeepers.

The bird is revered for its proximity to Creator. We look up to birds; they inspire us with their ability to rise above the earth and soar above the clouds; disconnected from earthly concerns and crossing into the Spirit World. This ability to travel between worlds is why they are considered a critical connection to Creator, our Ancestors and the people that we mourn.

This little book was written for survivors in mind. That is, those that are coming home or have been removed from our community and culture and don’t have access to Elders. We all deserve to understand the Indigenous spirituality behind our medicines regardless of our personal history or detachment from our culture. ALL proceeds from the sale of this booklet will go to supporting the Aboriginal Arts Collective of Canada’s 2020 Indigenous Women’s Arts Conference.

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