Moccasin Workshop with Anna


May your first pair of moccasins take you on a path where you remember to look up to the sky, down to Mother Earth, forward to the future, behind to the wisdom of ancestors and within to see that we are all connected as earth people on a spiritual journey to the stars.

The teachings of our grandmothers is what preserves us – they are whispered gently to us.



Anna Thompson, moccasin workshop, indigenous women's arts conference, pass the feather. aboriginal arts Collective of canadaKanonhsionni Anna Thompson was born and raised in Akwesasne and lives on Kawenoke. She is Mohawk, a member of the Turtle Clan and is a mother to four and grandmother to one. Anna has been beading and making traditional clothing for about 25 years and more recently, she’s concentrated on moccasin making. She enjoys making unique and special things for people. She is always trying to improve her moccasins by making modifications, incorporating new ideas and by taking old ideas from kanien’kehá ka history.

Join Anna and make your own pair of moccasins in her beginner’s workshop. 

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Saturday March 28 | 9am to 4pm

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