Moccasin Workshop


May your first pair of moccasins take you on a path where you remember to look up to the sky, down to Mother Earth, forward to the future, behind to the wisdom of ancestors and within to see that we are all connected as earth people on a spiritual journey to the stars.

The teachings of our grandmothers is what preserves us – they are whispered gently to us.



indigenous women's arts conference, pass the feather. aboriginal arts Collective of canada, claire Nahwegahbow, moccasin workshopClaire Nahwegahbow is a First Nation artist, and educator known for creating exceptional bead work and extraordinary moccasins. Born in Birch Island Ontario, Claire Nahwegahbow is a member of the Whitefish River First Nation.

Claire’s unique creations tread the fine line of originality and give the feel of everyday elegance. Claire is dedicated to creating wearable art. True to the “Stay Local” movement, each creation is handmade, fabricated and finished in her studio. Claire is a self-taught artist, her beaded jewelry and leather accessories come from her focus on an intuitive approach – an alternative point of view on the boundaries between art and design. Claire’s moccasin creations and visions are continually evolving yet her philosophy remains the same – each creation must be unique. She says with a smile, “You have to put meaning into your creations to make them special and functional. That’s what I do – I create from the heart and bring a feeling of love and classic wear-ability to my ever evolving collection”. 

Claire Nahwegahbow transforms enchanting gemstones, textiles and precious metals into sculptural forms that exemplify style. She seeks beauty in all things and appreciate the endless potential of blending color, shape and textures. 

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Sunday March 29 | 9am to 4pm

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