Mohawk Fancy Basket Workshop


Basketry is a cultural process; a way of learning about the cycles of nature and the right way to live in balance with the land by the careful gathering of materials. This journey begins with gathering sweetgrass and preparing the long strips of black ash, called splints. Each must be shaved, split and cut to size; this is the most difficult part of making a basket.

These materials will be ready for your beginner’s course in weaving your own fancy basket with basket master, Carrie Hill.



Carrie Hill, Mohawk fancy sweetgrass basket workshop, indigenous women's arts conference, pass the feather. aboriginal arts Collective of canadaCarrie Hill is Haudenosaunee from Akwesasne and owner of Chill Baskets. The tradition of weaving Black Ash Splints and Sweetgrass goes back many generations of Carrie’s family and her first teacher was her Aunt. 

Weaving felt natural to Carrie and she fell in love with the entire process – she was soon creating her own unique pieces. Her work has been sent all over the world including an entire collection representing the Haudenosaunee People for the U.S. Embassy in Swaziland, Africa.

Carrie is a teacher of Haudenosaunee Fancy Basketry to pre-kindergarten aged children all the way to Totas (Grandparents). Carrie finds honour and pleasure in doing so both in educational environments and community gatherings. She is very proud to pass along this ancient tradition to her children, her community and the next generations of artistic leaders.

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Saturday March 28 | 9am to 4pm

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