Traditional Dream Catcher Workshop


There are many traditional stories of the dream catcher. It is said in Ojibwe stories that Asibikaashi (Spider Woman) helped Wanbozhoo bring Giizis (Sun) back to the people. Asibikaashi builds her special lodge (web) before dawn. If you are awake at dawn, as you should be, look for her lodge and you will see this miracle of how she captured the sunrise; the dew on her web sparking.

The ring of your dreamcatcher may represent our universe and cycle of life. Some believe that all things and beings are interrelated. The web is often believed to filter the good and bad spirits that come to us. Good spirits will find their way to the centre and help us to reach our goals and made good use of ourselves while on Mother Earth.

What is your story? Connect with it and weave it into your own web. Join Tanya in exploring the real history of our beloved dream catcher and learn to web your own traditional wood dream catcher or more modern hoop dream catcher with real native feathers such as wild turkey, grouse and pheasant.

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Tanya Keech is Bear Clan from Mississauga First Nation and lives in Chapleau, Ontario. Tanya is self taught and works closely with nature when creating her traditional wood and willow dream catchers. Her wood is gathered from the shores of Racine Lake or the Chapleau River which are both located in the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve (the largest in the world).

The dream catcher has long become an over commercialized Native symbol and is replicated by many who do not have any concept of it’s meaning. Tanya will take us back to connect with the original use.

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Sunday March 29 | 9am to 12pm, Sunday March 29 | 1pm to 4pm

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